Please be naked (The 1975)


Please be naked: A poem (inspired)

I was given freedom
in the form of a daisy.
I held it in my hand for so long
its roots wove between my fingers
and the soil hardened in the
crevices of my skin.
I was given freedom
yet it shrivelled in my calloused hands.
The roots fell apart, no longer vines but
broken twigs into ashes.
I was given freedom
in the form of a daisy–
Freedom, tender against my nakedness–
Freedom, mighty like a kingdom
and yet even David’s is now
only ruins.
I was given freedom
in the form of a daisy
for my Lord knew I was weak
and that I was hollow
And I needed to see the seed He sowed
and the beauty it created
wilt before my watery eyes
before I knew what I had neglected
for far too long.


The Burrito of Comfort

My brother’s girlfriend created an incredibly charming song inspired by something very near and dear to my heart: the comfort burrito.

I guess I haven’t yet mentioned the meaning behind my blog url, comfortburrito.
To give a bit of background, one of my favourite coping mechanism is to roll myself up in a blanket.
I like to wrap my cold and melancholy body in an impenetrable sheet of warmth. To be cocooned in a blanket is very solacing– to have the world muffled, your face nestled in the softness, your raucous mind silenced and snug between fabric… it’s a good feeling.

And thus, this lovely tune was made possible.

(her original blog post is here. go say hi!)