A summary of DAY 1

Waiting to cross the border.
Waiting to cross the border.


Bed-head, closed eyes, glasses glare, and mom's peach?
Bed-head, closed eyes, glasses glare, and mom’s peach?


A montage of sleepy moments.

Sleeping on the bus Day 1
Sleeping on the bus Day 1
Sleeping on the bus Day 2
Sleeping on the bus Day 2
A silhouette of Sleeping Beauty.
A silhouette of Sleeping Beauty.


If you ever get the chance to go to the Oregon Sand Dunes, DO IT. We took a little sand dune buggy; it’s a merge between a roller-coaster thrill and an “I’M GOING TO FALL OVER AND DIE” experience. But the fresh air, the strip of ocean you see from afar, the massive dips in between each sandy hill, is surely unforgettable.
We had a chance to step off of the buggy and into a Restricted Area (our guide, Bob, was a sure badass). The moment the engine of the buggy shut off, you couldn’t hear a thing. It was so quiet, kind of like having the first snow fall of the season, and you wake up to a blanket of softness in the air. It wraps you up in a very comfortable, non-aggressive shawl of silence.

IMG_20140831_090212_491[1] IMG_20140831_091751_573[1] IMG_20140831_090315_823[1]

DAY 2: SEA LIONS (???)

We went to a sea lion cave, but turns out we paid twelve bucks each to see a vacant cavern of hard-to-see rocks. After paying our fairs, we learned once plummeting into the ground the distance of about a 12-story building, the guides ever so considerately informed us that the sea lions were out hunting for a few months and “probably won’t be back until November”. Thank-you. We were so desperate in spotting them that we almost convinced ourselves that a flock of birds was a sea lion. Oh well, the view outside was pretty to say the very least, and we left contented.

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My family.
My family.







Friends & Fireworks

Hello friends,

I haven’t posted lately, much due to being busy (or trying to be busy), excuses, and more so a lack of creativity and motivation. I’ve been meaning to post another “LATELY” gallery, but frankly, I haven’t been out to do anything worth sharing. However, just last night, I went to go watch Japan’s Celebration of Lights fireworks atop a mutual friend’s apartment. It wasn’t on the beach, and  sometimes the fireworks were blocked by the silhouettes of buildings, but my, the show was much more than I imagined it to be. I can’t do the fireworks justice with my sorry descriptions, so I’ll post some pictures that I took of last night. I didn’t snap any photos of the finale because my poor camera couldn’t take all the bright bursts of light, and honestly, I was enjoying the spectacular aerial performance too much to really care of anything else.

It’s weird how chemically reacted explosives, the harsh residues of perchlorate chemicals and copious amounts of pollution, can be so aesthetically beautiful.

So today we climbed a mountain…

My friend and I decided to be tourists in our own city and planned a trip to Grouse Mountain to participate in the widely popular tourist activity, the Grouse Grind.
Excited and ready to break record time up the rocky incline, my friend and I were quickly and most shamefully defeated by the first twenty steps we took. We struggled, thighs burning, backs sweating, and hair matted to our foreheads to reach the 1/4 mark. “1/4? You’ve got to be kidding me. Only?” Breathless, soaking and sorry for ourselves, we trudged onwards. Looking back as I knead my aching quads, I have no idea why I thought clambering up the Grouse Mountain would be easy. I had done it before long ago and I don’t at all recall crying out to the sky for mercy, or scuffing my ankles along jagged rocks, or tripping over hopelessness and being deafened by my thumping heart.
“Oh my God, Jamie, I see the 2/4 mark…. The 3/4 sign is just ahead! We’re almost… We… Jamie we made…”
And alas, as my crumbling knees kissed the top of the unforgiving mountain, the refreshing breeze I so longed to touch purged my lungs, I breathed my last.

Okay, maybe not. But I am not attempting the Grouse Grind any time soon. As rewarding as it was, the company of my tea will do for now.


I haven’t felt this carefree in so long; who knew that I all I needed was just the right person to make me feel all right.

Thanks, Feh