How lonely I feel, with only

Words to accompany me now.

Even then, these words do not exist

Without my trying–

And I plead,

I no longer wish to try.



Slanted concrete
Teetering down the ssidelwalk
Left right Left rightRiight right left
Walk in a straight line, Miss.
I can’t, I’m sorry. the conrete is slanted
I can’thelp but teereter down the sildewalk.

sad for too long

You can’t be sad for too long. Of course, you’re allowed to be sad, but tolerance is always limited. She has kind people around her; they are caring, patient, willing, but even the most selfless person can be all these for only a while. So the sad one who has been sad for far too long is no longer pitied, but she becomes redundant, tiring, pathetic. How much longer is she going to be sad for? What else does she want but unrequited attention? Over time, her unrelenting sadness depletes the patience of others, it persists beyond their limited provision. Her misfortune is trivialized, but she can’t blame them; she, too, doesn’t have the capacity to help another as helpless as her.
So these kind people wait from afar until she heals, or they leave entirely, bored. Nevertheless, she is left alone and silent.


I miss the depression in the centre of your chest

The concave between your ribs

Where at night I nestled my cheek in that vulnerable hollow,

Closed my eyes and held my breath

To heighten the sound of your heartbeat.

Today, I cannot hear it anymore, but sometimes when it is dark

I swear I can feel the pulsing of your heartbeat, it throbs against my cheek

Nestled in the vulnerable hollow–

I long for the sound to return.