mushy mind

I feel like my mind is just getting kinda mushy.

Articulation is hard.  I don’t remember specific words anymore, so I grasp for broad ones that don’t necessarily fit the context. I don’t know how to express things. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m trying to express– I just know that I don’t know how to but I’m still trying.
Memorization is hard. I will turn a page and not remember what I just read. I will try to duplicate a formula I used seconds ago, and won’t remember what I wrote.

I feel like there is a block in my head. There is something that is blocking my thoughts, my intelligence, my zeal for things. I’m like a Google search that never loads because the WiFi is shit and then I get frustrated because sometimes I’m convinced that the WiFi (or whatever I’m blaming my slow brain processing on) isn’t the problem, but that I’m just stupid.
It feels like the time I had a concussion and my head just couldn’t consume or output anything. But I don’t have a concussion right now and I think that’s even worse.

My mind is becoming mush and I don’t like it. I feel really bad.


Edit: I feel like this



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