A cat vomited on our garden pavement and we found out my boyfriend is allergic to cats so he is sad. Here is a poetic tribute to cats: 

Look at them,
those cats,
strutting with their tails all high,
jumping fences,
vomiting on sidewalks,
shedding balls of fur at a time,
snatching things from your porch
so quickly
you forget what they’ve stolen,
and only know that it’s probably gone
forever, into some ditch,
maybe a ditch in your own backyard
that the cats must have dug up.

Look at it,
that cat,
meowing its way into your lap,
flipping over on its back,
wiggling its body as it
nestles between your legs.
Your eyes swell,
nose crinkles,
throat itches,
skin reddens,
And the cat is
sly and smug,
purring now, softly,
tenderly, beckoning you to
pet it
And reluctantly you succumb—
Just look at those small, beady eyes!
That cute little nose,
those folded ears
the tubby belly—
And leaning over to touch it,
the cat flips over,
scratches your arm,
and pisses on you.

Look at them,
those cats.


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