Why is it even a word? When do people ever use it? And if you do, please, tell me why?
It’s more of an onomatopoeia, I think– an imitative word for the sound of coarse laughter, so Google says.

When I hear or see the word guffaw, in my head there is a resonating guffaw-haw-haw-haw!
I hear a woman, her skin powdered plenty so her pale skin has made her pallid. She has thin, bleached-yellow hair, curled to the crisp. Long necklaces of pearls drawl over her sagging breasts, and the collar of her dress is low, revealing her wrinkly, prune-like chest. She fans herself, not necessarily in need of a fanning, but more for the aesthetics and to show off how ‘diversely cultured’ she is as she flaunts to those around her that the fan has the ‘Chinese styled colours and printings’ sewn in the fabric. Now imagine her in a pub, standing out, a glimmering fool, against the brownness of the place. She’s there for the men, but not to find one to sleep with, but to find joy and pride in the juxtaposition of her life and theirs. She guffaws, Guffaw-haw-haw-haw! full and bellowing, driving the drunk men around her into a sad and annoying sobriety.




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