LATELY: VI (A reflection)

Here is a little recap of the great things that have happened so far shown by the few photos I was able to salvage from various sources since my phone died and all my photos were lost :c
A lot happened: I had the greatest ultimate Frisbee season with the best family of team mates I could ever ask for. I graduated. I had prom. It was all very exciting.

Whales United is our team. I can’t really express the love-hate relationship I have with this team. I hate everyone of these idiots to the extent that I am bursting with love. Does that make sense? I guess not. But the feelings are undeniably strong.

We worked and played and trained very hard together. All of them pushed me and annoyed me to the point where I became the best captain I could be. They formed me into the passionate player that I am. I fear much less when I am around them. There were games during the season where we were down buy a discouragingly large amount, but we somehow almost always pulled through and won by universe point.
I have never bonded so strongly with any other team. I love playing Smash Bros with them, I love eating with them, I love Nico’s home-made apple pies, and our exclusive sense of humour.
If I could re-do this whole season I would.

High school graduation and prom– events that are literally once in a lifetime.
I can’t say I had the time of my life, as everything that happened I had already expected, so I was neither elated nor disappointed. I am satisfied with how things went.
I am so grateful for all the people who have brought me to this point in life. It’s a curious thing to wonder how much of a different person I could be at this exact moment if even a single person never came into my life, as all who I have met have impacted me in some significant way.

It is a rather liberating feeling to be able to reflect upon these events and say to myself: what a distressing, terrifying, wonderful year.


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