Tacos at Tiff’s (March 16th)

To kick start the second week of spring break, my church youth fellowship and I organized a marvellous taco bonanza in celebration of my brother’s 22 birthday, and a farewell event to another friend who is travelling to the UK for the next four months. Honest to say, this is probably one of the best nights of my life. It’s hard to explain, but pretty much when you’re with the people you absolutely love, any mundane task can be made exciting. And with the addition of home made tacos, how could a night get any better?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Here is a picture that does no justice to the exceptional delicacy that is the taco.
Home-made carnitas, slowly braised shredded pork, dripping with juices that run down your arms when lifted into your mouth.
Soft, over the stove warmed tortillas.
Pork beans.
Tangy mango salsa.
Sour cream.
Chopped lettuce and fresh cilantro.
Shredded cheese (that we thought was moldy but took the risk anyway)
On the side we made a kale and lettuce salad sprinkled with sweet craisins and roasted sunflower seeds, mixed together with a poppy seed dressing.
And the guac. O, the sad guac. We picked up a bundle of avocados that were terribly unripe, but having a taco night without guacamole seemed completely unacceptable, so we followed a YouTube video on “how to ripen avocados when you’re in a rush to make guacamole for taco night like RIGHT NOW” that had like, 301 views. We baked them. We boiled them. We microwaved them. The avocados kind of ended up with the consistency of mushy yams, and just became unripe avocados with a deceivingly brown exterior. They were beyond salvaging. I tear up just thinking about how pathetic our “guacamole” was. Anyway, the night went on, and the tacos were still delicious.

Did I also mention that on the day of the taco fiesta, Diary Queen was giving out free ice cream cones? While my mom and I went to go pick up my brother’s birthday cake, we also snagged some free ice cream. I like Diary Queen ice cream, but free just makes everything better.

After consuming copious amounts of tacos and ice cream, we played several rounds of a rhythm game. Well, it was more of a memorizing/fast paced/ exhilarating competition to test our wits (which were definitely not sharp due to the food comas). After settling down (or rather, hyping up), we played Carcassonne, which is a strategic board game much too complicated for me to explain. Quite frankly, I still don’t really know how to play the game, so if you’re interested just Google it. It was fun nonetheless.

All in all, thank you Tiffany for your hospitality, and the carnitas. Happy birthday, Andrew. See you soon, Trevor. And to all a good night.


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