The Audience

Keep the Audience alive, Just speak
loudly, clearly, and articulate your life with
relevancy and blithe rhythms, Keep
things concise; The Audience has not a patience for your
elegiac recitals, no intimacy, no onerous tales and depth,
The Audience abhors most of all
long poems.

Keep the light hot, keep it centred on you and Keep
the Audience in the dark. They don’t
want to be a part of your show,
they want to enjoy the absence of their understanding, and for You
to fill their mindless voids with Lies– no, The
Audience does not mind lies– As
long as you convince them otherwise.

Keep the light hot,
speak loudly, clearly, and forget not!
You are the Entertainer
Hot in the horrible stage lights, And on stage you
Put on a wonderful, striking, falsified show.
You are the Entertainer.

The Audience has you swung by their Strings,
(You the Puppeteer, you their puppet?)

Smile! You’re on camera, you fool, you liar, you
wonderful, abominable Entertainer….

Hot in the spot light, still,
You beckon, “If only possible!”
For the Audience to spare You, lowly pauper,
a rest, a seat, in their
God forsaken darkness.


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