One more post of the night,

I promise.

I just need to document this somewhere to help me remember, because I’m forgetting a lot.
More and more each day, I find myself in a daze, feeling lost for a second. In that second, I cannot recognize the setting, the environment, the time, the sounds. For who knows how long, noises dull and my brain becomes grainy. Reality simply slips from my unfeeling fingers. Dumb. Still. I lose moments in my day and I can’t seem to help it. Chunks of time, just gone and they cannot be recollected. I stumble within my own jumbled timeline. My mind wanders, but to no specific thought– it just strays. It’s as though my body seizes itself up into a mode of self defence, numbing my body, pressing upon my temples with a hum.
My days are thinning as seconds lost accumulate to weeks without certainty, without progress and grasp.
In what abyss do the lost portions of time plunge into?


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