So my dad is back

from Malaysia, after taking about a week of compassionate care leave.
As unwritten law, he brought back a myriad of snacks. Time to indulge in stir fried fish floss, dried Guava chips, a variety of taro and bean cakes and the notoriously delectable durian fruit in paste form. Mmm. Can’t wait to smother that durian paste all over my body and smell like putridity greater than that of vile human flesh.
Aside from the delicious food (and not so favourable durian spreads), the way to the Vancouver airport to pick up my dad was very lovely. The night breathed a navy canvas, a convoluted scenery with just the right details, speckles of aesthetic white lights. It was a pretty sight, driving in the night, whizzing down straight roads and watching rows of street lights merge into a streak of orange– a gentle brush stroke. The night felt like swimming through water colours.

Welcome home, daddy.


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