There is a will but no way

TV on (there must be noise)
Make sure there’s no water in the sink,
no water on the counters (who’s yelling?)
Shh (there mustn’t be noise)
Fold napkins, fold napkins
straight, straight, aligned
(who’s yelling? stop yelling, shh)
It’s 6, time to get up
(walker, where’s my walker?)
Eat, chew, swallow,
Two bites
I’m full, I can’t eat
TV on (there must be noise)
Time to nap
Closed doors,
they won’t know, they won’t know
Curtains drawn, there are
people watching, always.
Sleep, sleep,
(why can’t I sleep?
I must sleep, it is
already 10)
Please be quiet.
Please talk to me.
Please never leave me (where did everyone go?)
Panic. Panic.
(You’re going to go grocery shopping?)
Yes. Panic.
(where did everyone go?
I don’t remember, I don’t
remember.) Panic.
Sleep. Fold napkins. Turn on the TV.
I am alone.


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