Friends & Fireworks

Hello friends,

I haven’t posted lately, much due to being busy (or trying to be busy), excuses, and more so a lack of creativity and motivation. I’ve been meaning to post another “LATELY” gallery, but frankly, I haven’t been out to do anything worth sharing. However, just last night, I went to go watch Japan’s Celebration of Lights fireworks atop a mutual friend’s apartment. It wasn’t on the beach, and  sometimes the fireworks were blocked by the silhouettes of buildings, but my, the show was much more than I imagined it to be. I can’t do the fireworks justice with my sorry descriptions, so I’ll post some pictures that I took of last night. I didn’t snap any photos of the finale because my poor camera couldn’t take all the bright bursts of light, and honestly, I was enjoying the spectacular aerial performance too much to really care of anything else.

It’s weird how chemically reacted explosives, the harsh residues of perchlorate chemicals and copious amounts of pollution, can be so aesthetically beautiful.


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